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Jen Lyons-Reid,  Gift Horse,  2018, mixed media

Jen Lyons-Reid, Gift Horse, 2018, mixed media

Change Media presents two experimental art exhibitions, ‘The Colony’ and ‘The Unity of Oppression’ as part of its national What Privilege? Initiative.

Curated by Jen Lyons-Reid and Carl Kuddell, What Privilege? is a national Change Media initiative with a range of diverse partners, to investigate how we can creatively notice, disrupt and reframe colonizing mindsets and behaviors that maintain privilege and reinforce oppression. It explores the reciprocity of our shared humanity: How is your liberation bound up with mine - and mine with yours?

Jen Lyons-Reid,  At Your Service, 2018, mixed media

Jen Lyons-Reid, At Your Service, 2018, mixed media

When you enter the Colony, who comes to visit? Navigate a bivouac of menacing, invasive colonies and framed colonial beliefs, to experience how Ngarrindjeri continue to maintain and share their cultural values.

The Colony is an immersive installation, combining projection work, line art, poetry and audio-visual provocations. This cross-cultural experiment was created by Jen Lyons-Reid [concept, line art, poetry, multimedia], Carl Kuddell [concept, sculpture, poetry, multimedia] and Ngarrindjeri man Clyde Rigney Jnr [concept, poetry, audio], in collaboration with Felix Weber [installation] and Johanis Lyons-Reid [video].

What is your experience of whiteness and identity in the context of Treaty and colonization? How do we want to share our limited time on this planet? How do we come to terms?


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body, and by the South Australian Government through Arts SA.

The project has been supported by the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery .

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Artist information:

Jen Lyons-Reid, artistic director and Carl Kuddell, creative producer. Jen and Carl are Change Media's award winning lead artists and high impact troublemakers.

Clyde Rigney Jnr, Ngarrindjeri man and ex-CEO, Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority. Clyde led the Treaty negotiations with SA Government and is a long-term Change Media collaborator.

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