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Face To Face is a series of Zen inspired artworks using recycled found materials, reincarnated into an eclectic range of intriguing portraits.

As I sat outside at my welding bench, shaded from the hot sun by my beach umbrella, with a pile of junk to my right, I emptied my mind (Zen) of any creative ideas, thoughts or pre-planned concepts.  I fired up my welder, then randomly selected bits of junk from the pile, placing them on the welding bench. I closed my eyes and using my sense of feeling, positioned the pieces, blind welding them into place. And like magic, faces appeared.

After the first five portraits were completed, the works I made were no longer Zen-inspired. I became aware the intention of my sub conscious mind was to create faces.
Steve Oatway

Steve Oatway is a Junk Artist, painter and arts director from Mannum.