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Change Media presents two experimental exhibitions as part of its national What Privilege? Initiative: ‘The unity of oppression’ and ‘Who is coming to visit?’

What Privilege? is a national Change Media initiative with a range of diverse partners, to investigate how we can creatively notice, disrupt and reframe colonizing mindsets and behaviors that maintain privilege and reinforce oppression. It explores the reciprocity of our shared humanity: How is your liberation bound up with mine - and mine with yours?

 What Privilege? - Who is coming to visit?’ challenges audiences through the lens of 50 provocative ‘What Privilege?’ characters to explore Ngarrindjeri values and colonizing mindsets, sticky slogans and internalized behaviours encountered in the ongoing Treaty process. Who is coming to visit?’ is devised as a thought-provoking, cross-cultural experiment, created in collaboration between Jen Lyons-Reid [concept, line art, text], Carl Kuddell [concept, sculpture, text] and Ngarrindjeri man Clyde Rigney Jnr [concept, text].

What Privilege? - The unity of oppression’ explores what unites and divides us: We share a finite planet, what futures will we forge from the infinity of darkness?

Playing with the duality of light and dark, using acrylics, sculpture and multi-media, five artists from culturally diverse backgrounds create a journey into the complexities of power, privilege and oppression - inviting you to peel away hidden layers and join them on a creative crime scene investigation of our shared humanity.

The Unity of Oppression works are co-led with interdisciplinary Ngarrindjeri-Chinese artist Damien Shen [painting, mixed media] and feature emerging artists Emilijia Kasumovic [drawing, mixed media] and Jelena Vujnovic [drawing], alongside work from Jen Lyons-Reid [line art, poetry, mixed media, sculpture] and Carl Kuddell [poetry, mixed media, sculpture]. 

For further information contact or 0407811733.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body, and by the South Australian Government through Arts SA.