• <p><em>Imaginings and Portals</em> is a series of enigmatic shapes, with readings that move from the terrestrial to the celestial. The works draw inspiration from an interest in holes, shafts and mine...
  • <p>In this exhibition, the artists of Cornucopia have been inspired by water, the precious fluid that flows by, and defines Murray Bridge and life itself. They use light, film, paper, ink and oil pain...
  • <p>Long before the civilisations of Europe came of age, the Australian landscape was nurtured and understood. European settlers tended to misunderstand this ancient land; to overlook its subtleties an...
Exhibitions now showing
  Imaginings and Portals, Barrie Goddard

5 Feb - 27 Mar, 2016
  Fluid, Cornucopia

5 Feb - 27 Mar, 2016
  Shifting Connections, Kathleen Munn, Jan Clifford, Bill Clifford

5 Feb - 27 Mar, 2016