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<p>The celebration of the local, the regional, the private and the personal, and the value of experience and memory, is territory that many contemporary jewellery designers and makers se...
  • <p>Set within the local and entwined with the global, these historical and contemporary, photographic and mixed media art works reflect the everyday; where concerns and interests are addressed and ill...
  • <p>An exhibition of traditional Chinese papercuts presented by the Australia-China Friendship Society SA Branch.</p>...
Exhibitions now showing
  Bodywork: Australian Jewellery 1970-2012, National Gallery of Australia

29 Aug - 12 Oct, 2014
  Of Obscured Significance, Mick Bradley, Louise Flaherty, Frank Grauso, Rachel McElwee, Murray Bridge & District Historical Society Inc., Lee Salomone, Beverley Southcott

29 Aug - 12 Oct, 2014
  Cutting into Culture,

29 Aug - 12 Oct, 2014